Welcome to The Worthy TRIBE. A thriving, private ONLINE Community of BRAVE spiritual seekers. Men and women who are devoted to evolving in intimacy with God, knowledge of self, and living in alignment with genuine purpose.

The WORTHY Tribe are fellow listeners of the Worthy Radio podcast, readers of the WORTHY book and blogs, and practitioners of the Worthy Spiritual practice. 
We believe our needs, our voice, our hearts, and our healing MATTERS.

The WORTHY TRIBE is a community of forward-thinking, freedom-inspired individuals who desire to make a positive impact in the world and within our private lives and relationships. 

We move with the conviction and courage to transcend the world frequencies of shame, inadequacy, fear, and passivity and SHINE like the LIGHT we are called by Grace to be.

We believe that no matter what mistakes and missteps we have made in the past, we are STILL WORTHY of love, purpose, and authentic belonging.

We gather each week for LIVE coaching and connection in a spirit of unity to manifest our dreams and to PROSPER beyond our wildest imagination. We choose to shed the excuses, patterns, and small-self that keeps us bound in cycles of delayed joy and dysfunction.

We grow daily in emotional brilliance and compassionate self-esteem to live a life at peace with ourselves and in harmony with God, nature, and community. 

To keep you in the loop of ALL THINGS WORTHY...
CLICK HERE to JOIN our community today and receive INSTANT ACCESS to a 24/7 inspirational community and LIVE, weekly coaching with Shannon Evette. 

While it's 100% FREE to join us, it will, however, cost you, your comfort zone, your addiction to struggle and the beliefs that keep you stuck. 

It's time to COME HOME to the truth of your value and destiny. It's time to rise and reclaim your value, WORTH, and spiritual dignity. 

I am HONORED to be your partner on this sacred path of rising, remembering, and reclaiming what is already yours by Divine Birthright; you are WORTHY of love, purpose, significance, and abundant joy. 
About the Founder
Shannon Evette has been a spiritual leader and influencer for over 20 years and has helped thousands of people activate their gifts, stand in their callings, and step into their destiny and greatness without the trappings of fear and resistance cutting them short. As an Author, Inspirational Teacher, and Facilitator of the Healing Arts, Shannon Evette is considered one of the most gifted and relevant spiritual artists of our time. She is devoted to advanced Biblical study, holistic personal growth and weaves a path of soul-level-instruction that transcends religious, cultural and social conditioning. Shannon’s words penetrate hearts and minds with the weight and anointing of inspired truth.

Blessings and love, Shannon 
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